Sunday thoughts from the Epic lounge

Sunday 6/27

I waited until now--a couple days into the cruise--to post some impressions. Partly to let them gather, clarify, simmer into something coherent. But also partly because during the first day and a half I would have said something like "this ship was not ready to sail with passengers, it needed a couple more weeks of prep" and I really didn't want to say that unless I really meant it.

So do I indeed mean that? No, I guess I really don't. Maybe it could have used a couple more days though. In any case, I now have air conditioning, I am now able to open, close, get in and out my cabin without a thought, without wrenching my back. My key card now works. The Courtyard hot tub now is up and running, as is the one in the spa. The elevators now consistently work. All is well. And in retrospect, 24 hours of various frustrations was worth 6 days following of pure relaxation, good food, drink, and feeding the casino on a daily basis (it only gets appetizers from me, no big meals find their way outside this gal's wallet).

I am now so relaxed it's almost too much effort to decide what eating venue to go to to eat and relax in, what entertainment we might attend to sit at and relax during, what item off the Martini Bar menu I should try as I sit and relax and do some serious people watching. Whew. Just thinking about all those decisions make me contemplate relaxing myself right into a nap. Life is rough this week.

More another time. Time to sit, read, relax.

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