Juine 29th - trying to catch up

June 29th

I have been very delinquent in my posting responsibilities and I don’t think I will every catch up. So here is the fast forward from wher we left off on Saturday. It was 8 for dinner at the Bistro Saturday night. Wine steward was the smartest woman in the world or should I say she believed it. I will leave it at that but I will say Stuart can select better wines then her. I will add having only a limited wine list at each restaurant and having to beg for the full wine list is driving me nuts. The dinner was prepared perfectly. Now if they could only get the right steak to the right person it would have been helpful. Those that ordered rare got the medium filet and those that wanted the medium got the rare. The 32 oz ribeye was cooked to perfection and looked beautiful until Jack the Ripper carved it into chunks of fat and nice center slices of lean rare beef. Those center cuts were selected and served to Phil and I got the 4 chunks of pure fat. The good news the food coming out of all the galleys is the best I have seen on any NCL ship in years.

Sunday was marathon day and a bit hazy. The usual 9:00 breakfast at the Epic Club and another steak. Cocktail party the NCL hosted for Barb and Tony in the Epic Lounge. Afterward quickly escorted to Cirque Dreams for the 8:30 show. That started out as a real bumer when 2 of the 20 of us no longer had reservation. The Cirque management handled it very poorly and I even worse. I can honestly say I lost it when that little sh*t said sorry you friends will not be joining you tonight. I am not going to go into the details but cooler heads prevailed and many thanks to Anshuman and Karan for calming me down and resolving the problem. In the end the show was the best thing we have done on this cruise. 2 hours that seamed like minutes of nonstop action. Who cares what the menu is. I don’t even remember eating but the Goats de Roam wine was great.

From there out the back and into the Epic Theater for a Legends preview. Tina kicked it off and I woke up when the show ended. I did hear Elvis was the best.

Have I said the casino has been very bad to me.

Where was I before I left for the Captains party and dinner at the Epic Club. Oh yes it was now Monday. Same old same old. Smooth seas and pea soup fog with wind that keep the courtyard unusable. Looks like the courtyard gym is getting to a point it will be ready soon. Paper off the windows and most of the machines are now installed. Sauna and steam room up and running. I did use the hot tub for the first time. I even have a toilet paper holder in the bathroom now. Everyday one more thing on the punch list is completed to make the Epic ready for full service is completed.

Dinner was Mondero and enough meat to cure me of any future need. It really was a special meal just wait for the good stuff to come to the table. After that it was off to Blue Man in the front row. I think you have seen the pictures. What a great show. Even with 5 lbs of beef and several bottles of wine it was impossible to sleep through.

So that brings us all to today. Another foggy day, less wind, but still in the mid 50s. That was not going to stop me from completing my punch list and after the behind the scenes tour to the galleys and the bridge it was time for the Epic Plunge. It was a hoot. Grab a tube, climb to the top, and take a ride. Forward the first time and backward the second. What a great time.

I had to get the blood flowing again after and a little whiskey was in order followed by a late lunch of sushi. $7 bought more then I could finish.

A few cocktails at the Captains reception with the remarkable leadership team onboard the Epic and it was off to our first dinner in the Epic Club. No cover for suite guests and a very interesting menu. Throw in a couple bottles of wine and you get me to this point in time on the last of the 25 hour days. The wind has finally stopped the Epic Bar and courtyard hot tubs have people in them for the first time in days.

I have list of must do and must not for the Epic I will post when I return but right now it is time for me to check out the other posts on the blog.

As it stands right now we pick up the pilot at Ambrose at 6:30 am on Thursday and first off the ship for those that want to carry their own bags will be 9:45.

Because of things not being complete in the courtyard NCL has offered a very generous future cruise credit.

I may have to purchase a picture this cruise of me with the Blue Men in our condom man outfits.


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