Rolling, Rolling on the Ocean, doot, doot, doot

June 27 2010 11:00 Ships Time

Just a disclaimer for those reading one of my blogs for the first time. You will find I enjoy taking little things and turning them into hopefully entertaining stories with a some dry humor and perhaps a bit of exaggeration. These stories are not intended to represent the overall experience nor are they intended as complaints but rather shared to hopefully to put a smile on your face.

Time to catch up with yesterday before it fades. I know I still owe the details from day 1.

As I mentioned last post the navigation channel is up but

Yesterday was an early morning with the door between the bedroom and the living room sliding open and closed with a crash. This big girl was rolling with the massive 12 foot seas quartering from the northwest. It should be interesting to be on the Epic in really heavy seas as tall as it is. One of the little things that need to be resolved as NCL takes over the finish on the ship is a latch to keep that door closed. As it stands right now the door slides freely from open to closed with the motion of the ship. The simple answer the foot stool now sits in the doorway. Joerg and Petra selected the suitcase fix in the A3 next door and if position correctly can keep the door open or even closed.

Breakfast like everyday was perfect in the Epic Club. They have a great staff and the place is really off and running well. If you enjoyed breakfast at Cagney’s in the past you will love breakfast at the Epic Club only steps from your door. With the ship rolling someone decided to return their breakfast just outs ide the door by the entrance to the courtyard as we left for the day’s adventures.

We were headed into a 12 kt wind at 20.5 kt. Making winds across the deck about 42 kt. The courtyard clearly is a bit of a wind tunnel with catching it all and forming a bit of a tornado. The poor pastic palms are quickly loosing many of their leaves. The funny thing deck 18 and the forward facing courtyard sundeck is almost wind free. A perfect oasis on this sunny day. Believe or not the least amount of motion on the ship and I covered it all yesterday morning. The trick for all those sailing in the courtyard is finding the secrect passages to get to that sundeck. One thing for certain it is not wheelchair accessible.

So it was off to see the parts of the ship I had not explored yet and get a little shopping done. First stop the Garden Café. They have moved to the next generation of action stations with more open area for seating and the action stations spread around the core of the ship. All of your favorite stations from salad to pasta, carving to India, dessert to a full service bar. The forward facing ceiling to floor windows offer a view to die for. The entrance to La Cucina is in the front of the Garden Café down a stairway. It really is a nice space with equally impressive forward facing views. The library look with the bindings of old face books glued to the shelves is nice except I thing the workers forgot the glue on many of them as the books of bindings lay on the floor and chairs in front of them. As I left the NCL team was busy reattaching many of them.

From there is up the stairs and out onto the pool deck headed aft in search of the ice skating rink. “Yes Virginia there is a skating rink on the Epic”. This is a dangerous adventure as passengers looking like drunks staggered from one side of the walkways to the other in the moderate seas and the water from the the slides running across the deck making footing risky.

I made it past the Epic Plunge and too a stairway that I hoped would take me to the the sports deck and the home of the holy grail I was seeking. But alas it only led to the exit for the purple slide so it was down the back stairway the dropped me behind the green slide in an inch of water. In my effort to escape I slammed my arm into on of the ridges on the steel tubing that made up that slide. Injury was not going to prefent me from reaching my goal.

I headed further back and up the stairs to Spice H20s bar. It was interesting to see all the kids enjoying a bite to eat while their parents got hammered in the adults only area. There at the far end of the bar was a stairway that must go toward the goal I continued to seek. At the top of the stairs was a giant cylinder like cage with kids climbing inside trying to escape. This must be where they put all of them when captured in Spice H20. Next to it must be where the tourture those kids that are repeat offenders. They had they hooked up to giant rubber bands and making them jump repeatedly 10 feet into the air.

Suddenly off to my right I saw it. The Epic ice skating rink. Set up on the the basketball court 4x8 interlocking sheets of artificial ice and a room full of real ice skates. So for all of those including myself that insisted there was no ice skating on the Epic and the latest Epic catalogs were wrong it is time to eat crow.

It was odd up on the sports deck as kids ran in fear when they saw me. I did not think much of it and headed down the stairs to start the daily refueling process at the H20 bar. The bar tender took one look at me and asked if I wanted a bandaid. I turned my arm over and blood was running from just below my elbow to my wrist. The result of the attack by the green monster earlier in the quest.

All cleaned up and a couple of ban aids latter it was down to deck seven and hit the shops. $108 for 5 cartons of cigarettes, and Epic hat and t-shirt. That brings us to lunch and time to find a plug for this netbook.

To be continued. Petra did mange to resize 800 of the pictures I took so far and I will find a place to post a few later. Stay tuned.

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