sitting at Newark awaiting our flight...

Sunday, June 20th, 2010...6:45pm EDT

Arriving at Newark, specifically Virgin Atlantic early, we found the temps very warm inside the ticketing area. VA people would be there @5:15 pm and we were about an hour early. We went and found a little cooler place to sit, drink some water and people watch. As Jim said, this cruise was long in coming, many questions, would there be a cruise and now wondering where we will be sleeping. if it happens that the CY is not finished, we have decided to be flexible and are excited to see the Epic.

While waiting in line, we were people watching and listening to conversations. We did over hear a couple talking about obstructed views cabins and assume they were on the cruise, since they did have luggage with the name of a travel agency on them. We think we saw another couple that we assume they also will be joining the cruise.

Our first part of this trip find us waiting for friends, Pattie and Joe, making it throughout the Long Island traffic and arriving to start our party...have to quiet Pattie's fears of the flight. The gate sign has now changed to...

Virgin Atl
002. 9:10pm
London Heathrow

More to come as we land in London and meet more friends, Fil and Pierre.

Until tomorrow, we wish you a wonderful time cruising with all of us in Blog world.

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