June 30th - The Last Grey Sea Day

Today like everyone of the last 5 days started out with smooth seas and grey skies. Another petit filet and eggs for breakfast. I am going to miss the Epic Club.

Everyday more of the work is completed onboard and the Epic should be in good shap for the events planned in NYC. Everyone now seems to have TV and phone service as most of the IP network destroyed in the fire has been restored. The onboard cell service that was working has been down for the last two days.

The last sea day is always a bit depressing. At least the sun has come out this afternoon but the wind tunnel known as the courtyard remains almost unusable but the private space forward on 18 is still a perfect place to relax and enjoy the day. The courtyard should be much more hospitable in the Caribbean sun and heat.

I got all the admin stuff done this morning, pulled my onboard account to check it, picked up my picture from Blue Man, got my future cruise credit applied properly that NCL is provided to all courtyard passengers on this cruise to offset the construction zone.

Some thoughts before I hit the hot tub before the 1 hour open bar in all locations on the ship at 5:00.

O’Sheehans really works and is the best centralized meeting spot with food, drink, games, bowling, view of the big screen for movies and sports.

Cirque dreams is a must do but keep in mind you need to book in advance. There are no where near enough seats or shows so everyone can get in.

Blue Man was a blast and great for passengers of all ages.
Headliners with the industrial vibe not only works great for Howling at the Moon but also hosts Second City, any other comedy acts onboard, bingo, sports on large projection screen and multiple flat panels. It seems to change it face hourly.

Bliss I don’t get and is still in search of its place on this ship.

Fat Cats remains my favorite stop for a late night beverage and great music.

The Ice Bar I have yet to see. It is now open from 5:30 until 11:30 by reservation only and has been sold out for the rest of the cruise for days. It would never work without reservations with nowhere to line people up to wait and for their turn.


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  1. Bliss - let me add a comment here. Pierre and I attended a super fun late evening of singing and dancing with the cruise director's team bringing back ABBA. Yours truly danced and sang to the old lyrics !
    Indeed the place is weird during the day with its bowling alley and dancing lessons going on at the same time as people are trying to read quietly. BUT come evening this is the perfect place to hold the shows programmed for Spice H2 O but interrupted by Mother Nature !
    Seating is SO very varied but something for everyone !