And we're off !

We are finally underway on the Epic. We left Southampton at 5:20 local time.
Having arrived at the dock shortly after 10am, we found that checkin would not start till 11. Once through security and ceck-in, which took about an hour, we were on at 12:20. The first suite passengers were taken onboard around noon.

We had a nice meal in Taste with Fil and Pierre, then went to see if our room was ready at 2pm, and it was.

The ship is huge and gorgeous. I particularly like the area at the aft with the Manhattan room with Cagneys and Moderna above it looking down on the dance floor.

The World Cup was on the huge screen, with O'Sheehan's having a great view of it.

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  1. Hope you have a fantastic cruise! Looking forward to lots of information and photos. :)