June 25 7:45 GMT

So it has been a few days since I updated the blog. The reason I am having a great time. Today at sea for th3e first time I saw a couple of things. A true sparkling sea as we sailed across this mill pond it was like a 100,000 stars were on the water. I just returned to the suite to see a school of dolphins in the middle of the Atlantic. I really don’t know where to start to bring everyone up to now. Especially since I just returned from the martini clinic.

I will start here. The Epic and the crew are remarkable This is really a next generation product for NCL. Clearly it is not without its problems right now but the good news they have out of the France and working to address to shortfalls from the construction. There are still cabins with no TV or phone with the fire destroying the IP backbone on the Epic. Everyday many less . I just feel blessed to be in my courtyard villa since much of the work to open the area was completed hours before I boarded. There is still some work to be completed. Today they finished the sauna and steam area. Still working on the exercise room. We had the first meal ever served in the Epic Club at lunch yesterday. It was great with shrimp cocktail and a nice strip steak in an amazing room.

We are still head south toward the Azores to avoid a large low pressure system and the will turn northwest to NYC. There is a good change we will really get a chance to shake down the Epic with 30-40 foot seas later this week.

I will catch you all up on the last night in Southampton , boarding (I was the first onboard), dinner in the new expansive Cagney’s, the casino being very bad to me, great little know spots on the Epic, The transporter launching deck, the shower with 2 temperatures scalding or freezing, meet and greet, martuni clinic, Klaus the magic man, but first I need to get ready for dinner….Later

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  1. Hello to everyone on board. I hope you are all having a magnificent time onboard the new ship. Sadly I couldnt come along, just need to wait for NCL to bring out another ship to finally experience a transatlantic cruise.

    Home for one night, and then away to Germany on Sunday, looking forward to it alot. The sad bit though is we are meant to get in at 4 and the Germany-England match starts at 3 so will miss it, hopefully Germany wins so I can have a chance to watch the match in Stuttgart.

    I hope the cruise goes really well, with not too many problems and hopefully not as rough as the Pearl was for you. Hopefully I can get a chance to cruise or atleast see everyone soon.