As expected, yesterday was a busy day, starting with the Germany Vs England match. The area around the big screen was already pretty crowded 1 hour before kick off, and wasn't possible to route the football through the many TVs around O'Sheehan's, so they setup Headliners to show it on the projection screen and the other TVs around the room. from the looks of it, they sold a LOT of beer yesterday. We ordered Pizza to be delivered (16 inch Cheese and Pepperoni available at $5 each, so we had one of each). They took 40-45 minutes to arrive due to the number being ordered around the ship during the game, but they were hot when they arrived (they use a thermal bag to carry them to wherever you want them)and they were a pretty good quality thin crust pizza with a lot of cheese. I'm sure sell, our resident food photographer will post the pictures of them online.

The evening was the Cirque Dreams dinner show, and it was quite a show. The Spiegel Tent is not that large, and seating is set out to maximise the numbers in the premiere area on the lower floor. It's not uncomfortably packed, but there isn't a lot of space. Seating upstairs is a single row around the balcony of the theatre looking down on the show, so everyone gets a great view, but not so good for larger parties. One tip though, from seating to finish, the show takes almost 2.5 hours, and you aren't allowed to leave your seat till the show is over, so it is a good idea to visit the restrooms before hand. If you like acrobats, jugglers and a well staged show, you will love this. The costumes are spectacular. The food is a fixed menu, and has the challenge that they need to serve everyone in the show as quickly as possible while the show is going on, so it won't be to everyones taste. If you want a great meal, go to Cagney's or one of the other restaurants. If you want a spectacular show with some decent food, come here.

Legends performed their first full show onboard last night, with Tina Turner, Madonna and Elvis featured. There were a fair number in the audience giving it a standing ovation, so either they saw something I missed, or I had too high expectations. I have seen many better productions shows on other NCL ships in the past. I'm am sure though, with some more time and polish it will improve.

Looking forward to the Blue Man group tonight.

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