Turn out the Lights the Party is Over

July 1 1:11am

Just back from Fat Cats and my last set of Slam Allen.

Dinner for 20 at La Cucina after an hour of open bar. Now what did I have to eat ?

We have finally hit warm air and able to enjoy the open decks at night. We had renamed the Courtyard bar and grill Ice Bar II.

The only real problem with the weather was we were never able to enjoy the entertainment planned for Spice H20 or Posh.

Did I mention the casino continues to be very bad to me. Able to make large sums of money vanish in minutes.

The bags are gone and in 6 hours we should be in NY harbor heading for the Statue of Liberty.

It has been a great week but not without its drama.

The number one question would I cruise on the Epic again. The answer is yes. With only 3450 passengers onboard this week it will be interesting to read the reviews as the passenger count gets close to 5000.

The sad thing in 12 hours I will be back at my desk working.


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  1. WONDERFUL blog - my hubby & I will be taking a cruise on the Epic in 2012 with a group of 40 people.
    Would love to see more pics from the other bloggers too!